intangible ascent

Flowing, whirling, and swirling

A dance everlasting

into the starry

endless night

A light

A bright light

Too bright it hurts.

It comes closer

My hands are brushed with warmth

A connection with my Sisters.

You will walk into the blinding illumination

You feel nothing and everything,

all at the same time.

It’s freeing and wondrous.

Where do we go from here?

There is still so much to discover

A bag of abundance

full for wonder,

Dancing for pleasure,

Into deep,

Intelligent understanding

You feel light surrounding your head

Your crown of roses


But studded with thorns.

You are numb to the pain

Only beauty and light,


We fall as individuals, and

Rise in synchronicity,

As Queens.

We are a pool of glimmering water

Each molecule holding pure love,

And creative connections.

We let go of the colourful silks,

That once kissed the skin of our temple.

A dive inside our inner universe

Just as vast and as intriguing as our external cosmos.

A silver string connects to our soul,

So we are never lost.

It extends do far,

Never an end to our discoveries

© Laura Walkden, 2020

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It’s your choice

I feel chained.

Chained to the “merry” – go – round,

And around.

But I shouldn’t feel;

It’s unnecessary,

Replaced with technology,

No need to remember

Our own life chronology.


Abandon the carousel,

Slow the momentum.

Straight from the horse’s



“You can leave whenever you feel.”

© Laura Walkden, 2019

Handbook for the Soul

Reflecting, not dwelling –

you can learn from the times.

Searching, not sitting –

you’d be surprised what you’ll find.

Changing, not stagnating –

it will keep you alive.

© Laura Walkden, 2019

The changing moon

I took myself to the sea, close to where we were staying. It was a full moon. I dropped down the steps onto the jetty. I sat in the middle of the platform, on the edge, dangling my feet into the gentle, swaying sea. Tears filtered the moon’s light, beaming from right infront of me; a round, radiant circle, hovering above the jagged mountainous land across from me. I shuffled myself back against the salty, cobbled wall and stared at the moon, so close and clear, everything else that didn’t matter was forgotten. Then, the same familiar questions which haunted this night had contaminated my thoughts again, but like a rogue wave on a still sea, it settled itself calmly beneath the surface; the world is far too vast and wondrous to be occupied with the wrath of impulsive, passionate, fools. The continuous movements of the moon charged waters had sparked the revelation, this too shall pass.

© Laura Walkden, 2019

A solitary dance

I have my own mind don’t you know,

it existed way before you.

It flourished and danced beautifully.

I was living in my truth.

I acknowledged and watered your soil.

Held onto your vines as you grew.

My own craft neglected.

If only you knew.

We could lift each other up you know,

We can thrive together too.

We would prance on our own,

then unite as one.

Oh, if only you knew.

© Laura Walkden, 2019

Deep wonder

You saw how deep my soul was,

after I peered right into yours.

A place noone had gone before,

or so you made it seem.

I hadn’t found a love yet.

It was all just curiosity and wonder.

Wanting to walk away unscathed,

from your percieved ego I fled yonder.

© Laura Walkden, 2019

Desert Sunset

We were greeted at the natural Zen garden,

with waves that dressed the desert.

A random assortment of glamorized glass,

gleaming and beaming sporadically.

A miniscule mosaic at a grand scale,

Not one pattern repeated.

We searched for a thrill on the rolling dunes,

but instead found stillness on an ever-changing hill.

A chill snatched and blew our bare skin,

Mother Nature’s attepmt to grab our attention,

A build up to something ethereal.

A great golden kiss between a Goddess and her Sun.

© Laura Walkden, 2019